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Online consultations (on Skype) may be more suitable for patients who, for professional reasons in particular, travel or move often, and therefore can not continue their psychotherapy with the same psychologist other than online. This type of psychotherapy, sometimes referred to as cyberconsultation OR e-consultation, may also be more convenient for patients who live in remote areas, where there is no psychologist nearby, or for those who live in small towns. and do not want everyone to know they are consulting, or for those who do not speak the language of the country. They may also be better suited for a parent with dependent children and no time to move or no way to have someone else look after them (especially if they are raising their children alone), and for anyone who does not want to waste time in transport and does not want to risk missing their session because of a train delay. Online therapies are also indicated for patients who can not move because of physical illness, phobia, etc.


Finally, depending on the country where the patient is located, online consultations can be at a much lower price than in the country where the patient is located, without this presupposing that the psychotherapist is less competent (it is in particular in Switzerland psychotherapies are the most expensive, around 150 francs per session on average, in New York where it takes at least 200 dollars per appointment, and in Australia where the Australian Psychological Society recommends the rate of 238 dollar per hour of consultation). The psychological consultations that I propose are in French.  


However, online psychotherapy can also have some disadvantages. The fact that the psychologist is more distant, that the relationship is less intense, may be beneficial for some people who need to protect themselves that damaging to those who would have needed to create a stronger bond of trust, via the presence of their interlocutor. This is why it is preferable, whenever possible, to consult on site.


For more information about the pros and cons of online psychotherapy, and to open up the debate to other perspectives (which I can only advise on knowingly choosing the most appropriate therapy for you), Here are the links to an article on the same site explaining "how to know if his online psychologist is a psychologist", and two articles outside this site:



For more information or if you want to make an appointment, it is possible to contact me by phone, or email if you have phone charges abroad.


Price: 40 euros (50 CHF, 50 dollars, 60 AUD, payable by bank transfer, Paypal or Bitcoin).


This rate can be adapted according to the financial situation: unemployment, student, dependent children, average salary of the country, etc.


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